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I specialize in expert programming using php mysql totaralms. I can create custom totaralms plugins and modules.

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Totara lms customizations Here is the list of totaralms customizations projects completed by me.

Custom totara programmerCustom modifications to totaralms Scripts.
     (This project was done using php mysql and totaralms API modules, totaralms face to face course activity )

  • Totara ( face to face course activity was customized.
  • Qr codes were sent during totaralms face to face course activity notification process.
  • custom totaralms facetoface module
  • Qr codes can be optionally sent using the send qr code setting available in the face to face session edit screen.
  • Qr codes were created using php qr code generator(
  • Once the qr codes are sent to the student/learner. The teacher can scan the qr code using his mobile phone and automatically mark the attendance for the particular student in one of his totaralms face to face sessions.
  • The student user would have enrolled in the course and also signed up for the particular session of the face to face course activity earlier.

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