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I can customize totaralms. I can take up development of totara and moodle. Totara developer and programmer.

Totara developer. Here is the list of totaralms customizations projects completed by me.

Totara Developer | Totara Programmer.
  • Totara ( face to face course activity was customized.
  • Qr codes were sent during totaralms face to face course activity notification process.
  • Totara LMS developer
  • Qr codes can be optionally sent using the send qr code setting available in the face to face session edit screen.
  • Qr codes were created using php qr code generator(
  • Once the qr codes are sent to the student/learner. The teacher can scan the qr code using his mobile phone and automatically mark the attendance for the particular student in one of his totaralms face to face sessions.
  • The student user would have enrolled in the course and also signed up for the particular session of the face to face course activity earlier. Totara Developer.