Freelance Nodejs jquery angularjs javascripts developer programmer.

I do freelance programming using javascripts jquery ajax. I do jquery ajax programming. I can customize javascript programs. Ajax jquery nodejs developer programmer.

Here is the list of jquery ajax javascripts angularjs projects completed by me.

Dynamic jquery ajax javascripts price calculation html form.
  • Jquery Ajax caching was made false.
  • Ajax $.get was used to get values dynamically from the php script.
  • Form change function was used to trigger a custom javascript function whenever the html form selection or input changes.
  • Complex javascript arithmetic calculations were done to calculate the final price dynamically.
  • Jquery TEXTAREA character automatic counting was done.
Javascript jquery date picker integrated and customized.
  • Jquery date-picker module was used. Only Fridays were allowed to be displayed in the Jquery calendar.
  • End date was automatically calculated using javascript date functions.
Dynamic jquery ajax javascripts date calculations and timestamp calculation.
  • Complex jQuery date and jQuery timestamp calculations were done.
  • jQuery was integrated completely without errors in latest moodle version.
  • jQuery click, toggle functions etc were efficiently used.