Google Api integration developer programmer.

I can integrate php scripts with google calendar api, the latest version API. I can use google client library scripts. I'm a google API developer.

List of Google Api integration projects completed by me.

Google calendar API integration.
  • This script uses both google client and google service calendar.
  • First need to setup a project and create client id from google developer console and also create oAuth Service Account access for google calendar api.
  • Pass scopes, developer email id and key file to Google_Auth_AssertionCredentials.
  • Google Calendar API integration list events programming
  • Retrieve calendar list using Listcalendar request of Google_Service_Calendar.
  • Retrieve Events using getevents of Google_Service_Calendar Events.
  • Using refreshkey for google api offline access.
  • Update a google calendar API event title using setsummary and update.
  • Using clientid and clientsecret for logging in and accessing user data.