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Payment gateway developer programmerList of payment gateways integrated through programming by me.

Paytap gotapnow API integrationPaytap gotapnow API integration
     Paytap gotapnow API integration developer programmer.

  • Paytap ( payment gateway api integration
  • Paytap kuwait enables you to pay using any smartphone.
  • Paytap paymentrequest soap request is sent first.
  • The response contains Tappay url and reference number.
  • Again the gotapnow live url is called using reference number.
  • GetOrderStatusRequest and GetOrderStatusRequestbyMerchantid methods are used to verify the payment transaction.

Netherlands Mollie api integrationDutch Mollie Api payment gateway integration
      Mollie developer programmer.

  • ( Mollie Payment gateway integration
  • Integrated Mollie API using php.
  • Created a Mollie payment request using amount, description, webhook, metadata etc.
  • Mollie payment webhook php script was created. This webhook script is automatically called by Mollie.
  • iDeal payment gateway was integrated using Mollie API.

Kenya Pesapal Api payment gateway integrationKenya Pesapal Api payment gateway integration
      Pesapal developer programmer.

Paypal chained payments gateway integrationPaypal adaptive chained payments gateway integration
     Paypal chained payments and parallel adaptive payments integration developer programmer.

2checkout API integration2checkout API integration
     2checkout API integration developer programmer.

  • Can integrate with 2checkout affiliate scripts.
  • Create 2checkout api token using 2co.js.
  • Testing the 2checkout integration using 2checkout sandbox.
  • Use the Authorization Response Object.

PayU Latam Payulatam payment gateway API integrationPayU Latam Payulatam payment gateway API integration
     Payulatam API integration developer programmer.

  • Integration of payulatam payment gateway API with php scripts.
  • Sending the php CURL XML http post to payulatam SSL gateway url.
  • Creating the transaction.deviceSessionId and passing it to Payulatam
  • Creating the transaction.order.signature and passing it to Payulatam.
  • Processing the XML response from PayU Latam Payulatam to find out whether credit card has been declined or accepted.

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